Smartlabs product feature updates for 1Q23

May 11, 2023

We are pleased to present the most significant updates to SmartLabs solutions and products for the beginning of 2023.

The new features are designed to enhance and simplify platform and end-user device management, as well as provide support for in-demand and attractive features.


Service Delivery Platform
Skins Support

This feature relates to the personalisation of the look and feel of SmartTUBE Apps’ by the operator. Skins can be assigned to service accounts individually, depending on the tenant or by applying a filter. Operators may apply a сustom logo, selector color and size of ribbons on the Home screen. Skins are managed using SmartTUBE Admin Console and may be assigned via SmartTUBE Device Manager or OSS/BSS API.

Enhanced Tenant Management

We continue to expand the platform's capabilities for multi-tenant architectures and improve the tenant management system. So, from now on, operators may use a handy wizard to create a new tenant and assign all the basic parameters at once.

Logging for SmartTUBE Device Manager

SmartTUBE Device Manager is our powerful tool for managing the firmware and configuration of user devices and applications. We now allow operators to track actions in the Device Manager UI, the history of changes to configuration files, as well as firmware upload errors to devices.

Restrict Live TV Outside the Operator’s Network

It happens that the rights holder does not allow the operator to broadcast channels in Live mode outside his network. But there is no need to upset the subscriber and stop broadcasting the channel when he/she changes network. If you are a SmartTUBE user, you may allow your subscribers to continue watching the channel in nPVR mode.


Content Delivery Platform

Precise Ad Insertion with Amazon AWS Elemental MediaTailor

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is a personalization and monetization service that allows server-side ad insertion. The service enables an operator to serve targeted ads to viewers and track ad views for accurate ad reporting. SmartMEDIA now supports HLS playlists containing AWS Elemental MediaTailor ad block markers. This method ensures the most accurate positioning of ad units in relation to on-air content.

Logo Overlay

SmartMEDIA now supports logo overlay on the video stream. In case you intend to use a translucent logo, you can also adjust its transparency and place it anywhere in the image. Unlike the existing method (overlay in the SmartTUBE apps’ player), this method allows you to embed the logo directly into the video image during transcoding.

Low Latency Adaptive Video Streaming Support

Low latency refers to minimal processing delay when streaming media content — no more than five seconds from capture to display on screen. Such a delay is important, e.g. for sporting broadcasts, live events, interactive polls, etc. This highly demanded technology is now available to users of our SmartMEDIA solution for both open and encrypted video.


QoE Monitoring Solution
Multi-tenancy Support

Following the expansion of SmartTUBE's multi-tenant capabilities, we have also adapted the SmartCARE system for multi-tenant architectures. Now the system administrator may assign one or more tenants to each SmartCARE user, the data for which he can see in reports and dashboards.