Boxes & remotes

Smartlabs high performance devices deliver state-of-the-art interactive TV direct to your subscribers

Simple and pure form factors

Advanced 2D and 3D graphics with support for OpenGL ES 2.0

The latest audio and video codecs with support for UHD

Adaptive bit rate streaming solutions

Optional support for wireless connection, PVR and RF remote controls

Custom design

With over 12 years experience in the global Pay-for-TV market, 7 millions STB’s were deployed for multiple operators.

Smartlabs expertise in Set-Top-Box design can be engaged, through our consulting team, to third-party manufacturers, agencies and operators.

Our designers will help you through each step in the bespoke process, from initial discussion to manufacturing and delivery.


Android / Linux / RDK based UHD Set-Top Box with AV1 Support