Monitoring IPTV network and hardware related incidents. Maintain and improve service levels to reduce user dissatisfaction and churn.

SmartCARE provides service status data in your IPTV and OTT networks at any time 24х7 and allows you to proactively resolve issues and anomalies

Improves customer care and provides a rich toolbox which enables you to easily resolve issues by analyzing service status at the subscriber level

Measures how well your IT and maintenance dept achieve their KPIs

Optimize your infrastructure and service. SmartCARE provides data on equipment load, user geography, fault tolerance and other key measures

Why SmartCARE?

– Integrated monitoring system for IPTV and OTT
SmartCARE supports collection and analysis of data for both of these delivery technologies: in managed networks (IPTV) as well as through the Internet (OTT). It enables an operator to use a unified solution for any service provision options.

– Preventive detection of problems
A unique feature of SmartCARE is the possibility to detect potential areas of concern in advance. Using mathematical clustering techniques and algorithms of decision-making SmartCARE is capable of online identification of dependencies (access networks, type of equipment, versions of applications, currently viewed content and many other parameters) for subscribers facing difficulties in obtaining services. SmartCARE analyzes this data and determines which subscribers with similar parameters are at risk. This data can be used to inform subscribers of possible problems and the ways to resolve them.

– Rich toolbox to easily resolve issues and improve customer care
SmartCARE includes a large set of tools that enable an operator to fully manage their video streaming service quality: real-time monitoring, history analysis, long-term indicator’s dynamics analysis, issues and anomalies detections,troubleshooting tools, per-subscriber event analysis, reporting and data export.

– Data accuracy
SmartCARE collects the data both from clients’ devices and broadcasting servers of your system. As a result, you receive more accurate and detailed information on the quality of the digital TV services you are providing. SmartCARE provides real-time data processing with per-minute updates.

– Quick data presentation
The data you requested is displayed in the interface very quickly regardless of the length of the time period you requested in the filter. This is possible due to preliminary data aggregation that is performed by the SmartCARE system.

SmartCARE can analyze data received from devices with SmartTUBE UI installed and from other devices

Set top boxes


Android / iOS phones and tablets

PC / Mac

Any third-party boxes or apps sending data via SmartCARE API

How does SmartCARE help operators maintain high quality video services?

Built-in SmartCARE tools for filtering and analysing the history of events by different dimensions allow you to quickly identify, localize and fix problems. For example, an increase in the number of times the bitrate switches in a period means that quality of streaming has decreased: it might be an issue on a server side (network trouble, overloading etc.) or a connectivity issue on a subscriber side. SmartCARE will clearly shows the source of the problem.

Case 1

Detection of an accident on a broadcast network with a major impact on subscribers.

Case 2

Subscriber side network connectivity troubles troubleshooting and fixing.

Key SmartCARE features

  • Running in both IPTV and OTT networks
  • Support of a broad range of end user devices
  • Aggregated analysis of client app and server data
  • Monitoring of OTT broadcast quality
  • Real-time monitoring, per-minute updates
  • Storage and analysis of event history and QoS data
  • All key metrics for quality assessment
  • Tools for analytics, monitoring and reporting
  • Support of SmartLabs infrastructure, integration with third-party infrastructure
  • Per-subscriber event analysis
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Timely notification of changes or system issues
  • Data export into graphical or tabular CSV or PDF
  • Scheduled reporting
  • User role differentiation

How SmartCARE works?

SmartCARE server accumulates the data from client devices, operator’s hardware monitoring tools and system software, and streaming server logs. SmartCARE processes and analyzes the data to timely detect service issues: image distortion, freezing or other events.

Parallel processing of data from several sources gives a comprehensive end-to-end picture of the status and quality of video services. This information is shown on the SmartCARE dashboard in real time.

Also, using the solution you can set rules for substantial quality degradation: SmartCARE server will automatically generate emergency messages and email them to relevant maintenance personnel.

For more detail see SmartCARE solution description.