Dynamic Ad Insertion Solution

Provides seamless ad insertion in live video, recorded, and xVoD content.

Smartlabs DAI is an intelligent and agile Ad Insertion Solution, enabling highly accurate ad targeting and placement to drive video content monetization success.

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Choose a comprehensive solution package or select elements to suit your service needs


Add or replace ads in live video streams, recorded, and xVoD content


Provide a seamless video-to-ad transition making an ad feel like a native part of a video stream


Use region-specific ad targeting for multiple stream destinations


Leverage ad server capabilities to manage campaigns and creatives


Get live monitoring and reporting of the stream and system health status

Solution Composition

SmartLabs DAI is made up of three modules. The Advertising Decision System module or ADS is implemented as an element of the SmartTUBE Server. The server-side ad insertion module is implemented as a part of the SmartMEDIA solution. The client-side ad insertion module can be implemented as a component of the SmartTUBE Clients system.

SmartLabs DAI can be rolled out as a comprehensive package or you may choose one or two of its’ elements to be deployed and integrated with complementary third-party systems.

ADS is a system that carries information about advertisers, ad campaigns, ad creatives, placement dates and duration, types, target devices, target content, and other parameters. Using this data, an ADS can make a decision which ad fits a specific insertion opportunity.

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How it works?

The ad insertion system requests an ad decision from the ADS via the VAST protocol. The ADS finds a matching set of ads based on the request targeting criteria and responds with a VAST response carrying the data about the ad to be inserted.

In this response, beacons information for the specified ads is also provided so that the TS splicer, or OTT player, can confirm insertion back to the ADS system. The ADS also provides campaign performance reports highlighting key metrics.

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