Content Delivery System

The SmartMEDIA server records, stores and delivers audio and video content on-demand in managed IPTV and OTT networks.

SmartMEDIA benefits

– Flexible high-performance architecture which supports both centralized and distributed solutions

– High reliability and manageability using cluster architecture to eliminate failure points, if necessary

– Lower capital and operation expenses due to standard x86 server hardware architecture

– Wide range of supported formats including SD, HD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 H.264/AVC, as well as tight integration with popular CAS/DRM solutions, encoders, and STBs.

– Support of Low Latency Streaming protocol, which helps minimize the buffering latency on the server side. It dramatically reduces the latency of media delivery and playback in unmanaged networks, turning the unbearable 30-60 seconds of latency into the near real-time video streaming. The playback on the subscriber’s side starts before the video fragment has been fully encoded on the server side. As a result, subscribers can enjoy their highest quality content in real time!

SmartMEDIA software runs on standard x86 servers and popular high-performance Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS.

Also, SmartMEDIA management modules provide a wide range of APIs and integration components for third-party application integration based on industry standards and protocols, i.e. JAVA, XML, RTSP and others.

When creating distributed on-demand solutions, SmartMEDIA uses intelligent SmartMEDIA Router mechanisms to redirect user requests to the ‘closest’ streaming server.

SmartMEDIA Router component is tightly interconnected with the service provider core network and analyzes available user location data.

SmartMEDIA technical data

– Support of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4

– Support of SD and HD formats

– Support of VoD, PPV, nPVR, TSTV, ReplayTV and other services

– Support for both Unicast and Multicast

– Adaptive streaming support

– Metadata management using built-in DBMS

– Manageable file system for data storage

– Remote monitoring support

– Bit-rate support up to 25 Mbps

– Standard x86 servers for hardware platform

Transcode live input streams to multi-profile adaptive bitrate streams for OTT delivery

Try SmartMEDIA for free!

Just three small steps to install a trial version of SmartMEDIA

Push the Get demo and fill the form. We will contact you shortly to provide the necessary instructions

Download and install SmartMEDIA on a server

Agree and Install SmartMEDIA trial license. Run and experience SmartMEDIA

Please read FAQs and documentation before you start:

License restrictions:

– Up to 10 live TV channels

– 3 months free use

– Does not include DRM