Device Testing & Certification

To trust that Android smartphones and many other devices are secure from piracy, popular streaming services make use of Google’s Widevine DRM platform. As one of the industry’s oldest DRM services, it’s estimated to be installed on some 4 billion devices around the world.

For device manufacturers, this means that test, integration and certification is required. SmartLabs provide a test service and is an accredited partner of Google Widevine to support device manufacturers with this requirement to test, as part of the integration procedure.

Widevine doesn't charge a license fee. Instead, hardware manufacturers only need to pass a certification process, for which there is a fee charged for the test procedure.

This includes the completion of various legal agreements, the integration of testing software, the integration testing procedure and the testing report submission. After that, we run automated tests on our side to verify the integration.

To apply for Smartlabs testing service for Widevine, complete the registration questionnaire here:

For questions relating to 3PL Widevine Testing email: 3PLWidevine@smartlabs.tv