Smartlabs Releases Versions 9.1 of SmartTUBE and SmartMEDIA

Vertical Menu for SmartTUBE Large-Screen Apps

In the realm of streaming applications, the traditional horizontal menu has given way to the more efficient vertical menu. To ensure that subscribers and operators receive the most cutting-edge solutions, we have integrated this option into SmartTUBE Apps for large-screen devices. This fresh layout capitalizes on well-established user interaction patterns, enhancing the navigation experience for subscribers.

Catch Up Content Library

In previous versions of SmartTUBE Apps, subscribers could access catch-up content via the program guide or the player. The new Catch-Up Content Library enhances this experience by providing access to pre-recorded TV programs directly from the Home screen in content rails. This highly requested feature simplifies navigation and access to selected catch-up content, such as TV shows and movies/series grouped into rails by genres, series seasons, and other criteria. Operators may configure the library to determine what content is presented and how long it remains available, allowing for extended availability of chosen content compared to generic catch-up programs.

Offline Mode for iPhone and iPad

Subscribers may now download movies and series for offline viewing on their iPhones and iPads, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment on the go. This highly anticipated feature has been developed to meet industry standards for streaming apps. Operators can control which content is available for offline viewing and set the availability window according to content rights.

Preview Autoplay on Channel Rail

SmartTUBE Apps for large-screen devices now have a preview autoplay of TV programs directly on the Channel rail. This feature enhances the viewer's selection process and drives higher user engagement. The feature can be configured by the operator using a standard mechanism.

Improving Program Poster Appearance

To prevent displaying a gray blank in the content rails when a program lacks a poster in EPG, a substitute poster from a related genre or channel subject will be used. This improvement will make the app’s interface more appealing to the subscriber.

Search Suggestions Support for SmartTUBE Mobile Apps

The SmartTUBE Mobile Apps now support search suggestions, offering subscribers dynamic query recommendations as they type. This feature ensures quick access to relevant movies and series. Operators can manage it with several configurable options.

Optimized App Launch and Content Playback Start Times

Recognizing the impact of application launch time and content playback startup speed on user experience, we keep improving these parameters of SmartTUBE Apps. The performance upgrades are designed to boost subscriber satisfaction and loyalty to the operator's services.

Token-based Stream Access Restriction

In response to customer concerns about content piracy, we have introduced token-based authorization on streaming servers. This new security feature, integrated with the SmartMEDIA Content Delivery System, effectively prevents unauthorized access to streams. The approach utilizes industry-standard JWT tokens for reliable content protection.

Bug-fixing and Improvements

As usual the latest version of SmartTUBE SDP and Apps include a range of bug fixes aimed at enhancing performance and stability. In addition, various features have been refined to improve usability. Rigorous testing of both new and revised functionalities guarantees the seamless and uninterrupted operation of apps and server-side systems.

SmartMEDIA Improvements

SmartMEDIA version 9.1 is the maintenance release which does not introduce any significant new features but contains bug-fixes and improvements aimed to optimize system performance and stability.