Cloud Solution

The Sky’s the limit

With our SmartTUBE and SmartMEDIA cloud-ready solutions, launching and scaling a pay-TV service is simple and cost effective; capital purchase for IT infrastructure and the cost of additional engineering resource are not required, you pay-as-you-go with cloud and your time to market is reduced

No upfront investments in hardware and software infrastructure. You grow-as-you-go!

Scale up instantly to meet your workload demand. You don’t need to order, purchase, and set up new equipment, get as much cloud capacity as you need.

Set your business free of hardware maintenance cost and cut your support engineering workforce. Let us take care of your business-critical software solutions.

Get all the latest functionality as it goes live. You don’t need to upgrade your TV service platform and applications, all updates are installed automatically.

Our cloud solutions deliver your services to all types of devices with no CAPEX and no effort on your side.

Easy and rapid migration to the cloud with the SmartLabs team! We have proven experience in IPTV solutions and STB fleet migrations.