Who we are

The leading provider and system integrator of service delivery platforms for multi-channel interactive digital video content and a manufacturer of award winning design, feature rich set-top boxes.

SmartLabs solutions deliver content services to over 7 million subscribers around the globe on multiple devices from set-top boxes to mobile phones.

Our solutions have been deployed in managed and unmanaged IP, Hybrid DVB+ IP, mobile networks

15 years in the market of innovative solutions for interactive TV

Our solutions provide over 7 million subscribers with access to interactive TV services

We have offices in Germany, Cyprus, UK, USA, and Canada

We are in close partnership with more than 40 leading interactive TV solutions vendors and suppliers

We have an international team of 120 employees

Smartlabs world

Smartlabs solutions drive business for telcos, media companies and interactive TV operators around the globe

includes kosovo

What our customers say

Dmitrijs Nikitins
CEO, Baltcom

"We needed to develop a simple and reliable procedure for migration and upgrade of software on subscriber devices. SmartLabs people did great, the process ran smoothly, and all our subscribers got access to the new features and services."

Luka Malesevic
Director of IT and BI, Optima Telecom

Our subscribers have enjoyed new features without the need to replace their STBs. We have also enjoyed a short project lifecycle covering the implementation and migration of backend systems with no downtime. We believe that by working closely together, Optima Telecom and SmartLabs, have delivered the most innovative interactive TV service on the Croatian market.”

Our partners


Smartlabs is a growing business. Our growth internally is for our people and our technology. As key players in the field of video content delivery, we know our team are our biggest asset. Flexibility, empowerment, drive, excitement, growth,energy and enthusiasm run through the DNA of our business culture. 

We are always happy to hear from people who want to be part of our team and part of the technological evolution in multi-screen, multi-network digital TV.

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