Build on RDK

Smartlabs STBs employ RDK benefits such as access to a growing apps store, Linux carrier grade performance, and pre-integrated premium video services

RDK is a modular Linux-based solution, providing vast customisation opportunities and alternative flexibility to Linux, allowing operators to develop unique features with greater ease. RDK also features pre-integrated premium video services, for example, YouTube and Netflix which makes RDK a very interesting option to consider for anyone who would like to add premium functionality to video services.

Leverage the benefits

Service providers may opt-in for SmartLabs SML-5045 STB with the whole package of our RDK-harmonized apps and UIs. Thanks to built-in integration with premium apps such as YouTube and Netflix this solution represents a perfect cost-efficient and easily adaptable option to deliver best-in-class services to subscribers.

Service providers are also able to develop unique applications, enhanced features and customisation, using RDK capabilities.

The RDK ‘Firebolt’ framework allows them to create their own app and access a growing number of third party apps.

Smartlabs is a long term RDK licensee, with a proven track record of developing RDK solutions and can help you to leverage all the benefits of RDK to enhance a TV service.  Smartlabs are able to develop RDK optimized components for rapid deployment in customer offer.