Smartlabs visit to RTime, USA

March 7, 2022

Rick Sailor, VP for Sales for USA at Smartlabs talks about the uplift of attending RTime in Dallas, in February 2022

The RTime show in Dallas,Texas was an excellent conference this year with strong attendance. Many of the participants were very happy to get back to meeting and seeing old friends and new acquaintances face to face once more and networking with vendors and colleagues.

Many new technologies were on display from 10 GiG Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) products, to user’s analytics, including SmartCare, our network monitoring tool. The Smartlabs New App based Streaming Video solution demonstration drew many delegates to see features up close in a live network environment.

The hot topic for discussion at RTime was still the current network bandwidth and connection speed to the subscriber in the USA. With 10 GiG today what is next? Home networking performance is one critical factor for subscriber performance and connection speed delivers the functions that subscribers are willing to pay for. Home networking analysis and network management programs are new services many providers are offering and operators want to understand more about performance and activity in their network. Monthly home network monitoring fees are driving extra profit to the operators bottom line.

In terms of video – streaming video continues to be the next solution.  With the consolidation of satellite spectrum many cable systems are switching to terrestrial IP content feed.  There are several master head-ends around the country offering streaming content options in an IP pipe.   App Based streaming video is some 80% of network traffic today.   Migrating cable and IPTV systems to all IP App Based solution is the next natural process.

Some organisations have moved faster than others.  Independent Telcos all move at different speeds - some have left video all together and are just offering a broadband pipe.  Many of the traditional providers have offered triple play and want to continue with that service. It is just a question of how.   Switching to an App based solution is the choice.

The USA has made a national broadband package program.  For both existing and new providers, providing Government funds to extend broadband (internet) network connection to everyone in the serving area.  Government maps help define where these areas are. There are network minimum speed requirements and timelines for each deployment.  These free grants and low interest loans are designed to get the internet to everyone equally in the US, thereby unlocking education and economic potential, to name just two, connectivity means growth.

Access to funding is via US Government or individual States funds and not through vendors.

I look forward to understanding how Smartlabs can help service providers to evolve their service with App based streaming video.  Being able to utilize the new additional network bandwidth from the grants to provide subscribers what they want - streaming video. Driving an enhanced quality of service and seeing more profits from the new network.

Smartlabs streaming video can help service providers with the migration process. Our system works for both the older grid guide users – as well as the new App based millennial users.

I will definitely look forward to meeting colleagues at RTime in San Diego in 2023, there will be so much to discuss as the communication initiative rolls-out.