Smartlabs to add NVIDIA transcoding to its content delivery solution

June 16, 2022

Smartlabs expands the functionality of its SmartMEDIA content delivery system by adding a new solution component enabling the use of high-performance NVIDIA GPUs. Previously Smartlabs has successfully employed Intel CPU-based transcoding technology, which allowed us to build an efficient delivery solution, appraised by customers all over the world. However, embracing NVIDIA GPU technology has added more flexibility and cost-efficiency for operators and video content providers, especially for those focused on UHD content delivery.

The technology offers an effective way to organize adaptive streams for OTT content delivery. In general, operators will be able to enjoy much lower hardware costs. And when it comes to high-demanded premium UHD content, it brings to the table even more. With NVIDIA GPU an operator may transcode an individual input stream into multiple output streams by employing only one GPU! At the same time, other technologies require several GPUs or even several servers to perform this task.

The solution can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, just choose the model that fits your business. 

Smartlabs has already launched a number of pilot projects in North America and LATAM involving NVIDIA GPU-based transcoding features, as well as several customers, who are deploying SmartMEDIA right now. With this brand new SmartMEDIA feature, operators will be able to boost content delivery efficiency while cutting hardware spending.

If you want to know more 

If you are interested in trialing this solution then please do not hesitate to contact us. A trial  will help you to compare different technologies and choose the most cost-effective and performance efficient solution that is tailored to your requirements.