Smartlabs product feature updates for 2Q23

September 12, 2023
We are pleased to announce the major updates to SmartLabs solutions and products for 2Q23. The new features are designed to enhance and simplify both the platform and end-user device management. They also provide support for in-demand and attractive features.


Content Delivery Platform
Low-latency Support

Low latency content delivery is crucial for some TV channels, especially for live sporting events.

We have implemented support of CMAF low-latency in our products, which is based on splitting long MP4 segments into shorter chunks and immediately transmitting them to end-user devices for playback.

To deliver good results, this technology is supported by all components on the content delivery path from the head-end to the end-user device.

The feature is available on the commercially available SmartMEDIA 8.2 and SmartTUBE Ultra application for Android TV. We will continue working on low latency support for our other client applications.

The feature supports multi-bitrate streaming, Widevine DRM content protection and does not require any additional hardware.

Our tests show that the delay from real time can be less than 4 seconds.

Optimization of Transcoding Pipeline

In SmartMEDIA 8.3, we optimized interaction between the SmartMEDIA server and transcoders, reducing the required HW resources for a live transcoding farm.


QoE Monitoring Solution
Improved Analysis of Playback Start and Image Freezing

In SmartCARE 8.3, we added new metrics to analyze all stages of the playback startup process, including downloading a playlist, first chunks, DRM licenses, etc. to help find bottlenecks in the content delivery pipeline.

All metrics are now collected from client devices, not only from SmartMEDIA servers, as it was implemented earlier. This approach allows us to collect more data and support 3rd-party streaming servers and services. The improved SmartCARE session analysis dashboard offers a more efficient worm-eye data presentation.