SmartLabs has updated the IPTV platform for Latvian operator, Baltcom

September 12, 2017
SmartLabs announces successful upgrade of Baltcom’s IPTV platform (Latvia).
Baltcom is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Baltic region, providing broadband, telephony and digital interactive TV services. SmartLabs have worked in partnership with Baltcom to upgrade their IPTV platform with the latest SmartTUBE Solution and introduced new market leading multiscreen features, 7 day catch up services and other interactive features.
The SmartTUBE5 Server and SmartMEDIA Content Delivery System was seamlessly integrated with Baltcom’s existing IPTV infrastructure and, critically, the existing population of deployed set-top boxes (STBs) were provided with an updated user interface and fully integrated into the new system.
SmartTUBE5 UI and Applications were also provided for the new fully branded SML-5010 STB, iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets as well as a PC portal.

Every UI and application offers global content search, three language support and seamless viewing handover from application to STB.

Baltcom COO Dmitrijs Nikitins: “We are happy to introduce third generation Interactive TV based on Smartlabs solution. Baltcom now has a modern, flexible, attractive and very efficient platform which directly supports our strategic targets.”
“The new solution from SmartLabs has made Baltcom TV-service modern and convenient – introducing multiscreen, catch-up tv and the new beautiful interfaces and STBs! And all these new services are accessible on Baltcom’s already deployed STBs. Needless to say, it is important for the operator to get a new modern solution while preserving the investments already made and SmartLabs have a proven track record of making this happen.” SmartLabs CEO Mikhail Grachev says.

About companies

SmartLabs is the leading provider of multi-screen, multi-network solutions for the video streaming sector. SmartLabs’ solutions deliver content services to over 7 million subscribers around the globe on multiple devices from set-top boxes to mobile phones. Smartlabs’ client base includes telcos (fixed and mobile), ISP’s, cable operators, content and app service providers. SmartLabs partners with 25 IPTV market leaders including Widevine, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Samsung and LG.  Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Smartlabs has offices in USA, Canada,  UK, Cyprus and has been established for over 15 years, creating innovative solutions for the interactive TV market.

About Baltcom

Baltcom is a telecommunications company with 26 years’ experience in the Latvian market, and has proven to be reliable, stable and highly valued partner to its customers.  It is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Baltic region. Baltcom offers such home services as optical Internet, interactive television, digital television, home phone and electricity.