Amazon Fire TV and Roku: new screens added to the Smartlabs portfolio

May 31, 2023

Smartlabs is delighted to announce an expansion of our supported devices beyond set-top boxes, Smart TVs, and mobile devices. We proudly introduce the integration of our UI client with Roku and Amazon Fire TV streaming devices. With this new integration, users can easily access and enjoy their service provider’s content on their preferred streaming devices.

With the popularity of Roku and Amazon on the rise around the world, it’s no surprise that they have become household names. These media giants are continuously innovating in order to offer the best streaming experience to the users of their retail devices. As a result, these devices are great platforms for our service provider customers to use to expand their big screen reach. 

Each product comes with its own unique features, functions and points of differentiation. We at Smartlabs are well-versed in these technical and commercial aspects of both Amazon's Fire TV and Roku streaming products and have integrated our UI apps into both these market leading families of retail devices. The combination of SmartTUBE UI apps and these market leading retail streaming devices enables our customers to offer the highest quality big screen video service without the overhead of providing a dedicated STB. To get started subscribers simply need to download their service provider’s customized application from the Roku Channel Store or the Amazon App Store and login to gain access to their service provider’s video services.

Seamless integration

Amazon Fire TV has gained immense popularity in recent years, becoming a go-to streaming platform for many households. With a range of options available, including Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, users can choose the device that best suits their streaming needs.

The Roku operating system is the #1 selling smart TV OS in the US with 43 per cent TV unit share. With Smartlabs' expertise in app development and integration, our operator and service provider customers have the opportunity to leverage the vast user base of both these device families to offer their content to a broader audience, delivering a big screen streaming experience.

Smartlabs is proud to announce the launch of projects in North America, providing platforms on Amazon and Roku devices. With our vast experience and expertise, we empower our customers to revolutionize their streaming experiences, ensuring exceptional UI. Contact us today to discover how Smartlabs can transform your TV services.