Hi! Once this page was dedicated to tsMuxer, a transport stream converter for remixing and muxing elementary streams. This muxer, created by one of Smartlabs team members, proved to be needed over all these long years.

And that’s how Smartlabs works. Our team creates and develops powerful tools and solutions to help operators and content providers all over the world to implement their business plans and thrive in the fast-changing environment. That’s why we’re continuously enhancing our products.

SmartMEDIA Transcoder

Though we don’t maintain tsMuxer anymore, you might be interested in our brand-new Smartlabs SmartMEDIA Transcoder.

The SmartLabs SmartMEDIA Transcoder provides transcoding of live input streams to multi-profile adaptive bitrate, DASH, or HLS, streams for OTT delivery.

You can use the most common hardware for transcoding — Intel QSV and NVIDIA NVENC. Reuse the existing hardware or opt for the new one.

Native integration with Intel and NVIDIA decoding/encoding API, high stability, and lower resource utilization.

Advanced algorithms help to avoid the desynchronization of target streams and tracks.

SmartMEDIA does not only transcoding, but streaming, storing, and recording as well. Interested to know more? Visit our SmartMEDIA page!