Expanding Service Provider’s Capabilities with State-of-the-art Apps and Solutions

Thousands of customers obtained access to brand new interactive services even on legacy devices!

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A major subscription streaming service and production company in an Eastern European country who offers thousands of movies, series, and linear TV channels to be viewed on PCs, mobile screens, Smart TVs, etc.

Business challenges

The operator needed to expand their TV service offering by introducing new interactive services to customers and providing a modern viewing experience.
To hit this challenging target the operator needed a powerful feature-rich solution with extensive SmartTV support and beautiful user apps. We have delivered all the missing elements enabling better business outcomes and subscriber base growth.

Implemented solutions

Full support of key Live TV and VoD services: LiveTV, EPG, VoD, subscription control, etc.

Tailored animated design for SmartTV and AndroidTV

Third-party backend integration (Huawei, UMA)

WebOS, Tizen, Vidaa, WhaleOS SmartTV OS support

Third-party payments integration

Integration with various DRMs

Adding interactive features and stunning UIs to keep millions of customers happy

We developed an app supporting LG and Samsung SmartTVs over time, using design outlines provided by the service provider’s UX team. In the end, we have built an app with a modern and very detailed UX including rich animation effects. The main achievement at this point was outstanding performance delivered even on legacy TVs. 

The app was initially integrated with the Huawei backend, but later it was switched to UMA backend.

In addition, while implementing the project we added WhaleOS (Phillips) and VIDAA (Hisense) Smart TV OS support. We continue to regularly add new services and integrations, such as payment systems integrations and UI improvements. This keeps the service appealing and user-friendly, and promotes customer loyalty. 

Business value