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Monitoring System

Video Stream QoE Monitoring

and User Activity Statistics

In order to detect video streaming issues and record user activity statistics,

SmartLabs has developed a dedicated SmartCARE hardware

and software monitoring solution.

The quality of video delivered to a TV is directly related to the quality of the network between an operator’s headend and the customer’s screen. IP packet loss and video stream instability may cause multiple artifacts to appear causing image scattering, freezing or jitter on screen that may have a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Using SmartCARE an operator may continuously analyse the quality of the

delivered content in order to proactively identify quality issues.


In addition to quality control, user activity statistics may also be collected. Based on these viewing statistics trends may be identified and an operator may develop content strategies and marketing campaigns based on these findings improving customer satisfaction.

Registered Event Types

SmartCARE can register the following events to the millisecond 

  • TV channel switching 
  • Current quality of signal 
  • Signal dropout, absence and resumption

Monitoring Parameters

SmartCARE can track video quality by the following parameters:

  • Number of transport stream failures over the interval 
  • Number of packets lost in succession, causing image failure or scattering 
  • Number of buffer overflows causing image jitter 
  • Number of buffer underflow causing image freezing 
  • Media Delivery Index (MDI), a cumulative video quality index to evaluate QoE in IPTV and VoIP networks. 

The SmartCARE GUI allows the user to view error statistics for each subscriber over the period. 

The SmartCARE solution is built around the client-server architecture. The system consists of the SmartCARE Client that is embedded in the STB firmware and SmartCARE Server. 

SmartCARE Client analyses the incoming stream, records events and errors, and sends messages with the appropriate codes to the server. SmartCARE Server receives messages and saves the data to the database for further analysis and reporting

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